Calling all bloggers…

Like to write but not sure how to go about creating and maintaining a blog? Or perhaps you are a blogger who’s looking to expand your digital footprint? And then once that’s done, maybe also earn a few bucks along the way?

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Well then, here’s where your search ends – one of the biggest blogging events to hit Chennai – Speak Out – is here and happening on the 20th of May 2017.

What’s it about? – It’s an event that showcases blogging and related topics. Speakers will walk through various aspects of setting up a blog i.e, content creation, optimising content to generate more sales, creating and sharing videos via Youtube, affiliate marketing and so on to the audience.

They say content is king. But in today’s world, it is equally important to know how to attract the right online traffic to your blog! You also get a chance to meet other bloggers, expand your network and share and learn new ideas. Simply put, this is an ideal stage to establish and expand your online presence and take away tips, tricks and more to be consistently successful at it!

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For more details about the event and registration for the same, you can check this link out –

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