For the love of comics and cartoons...

Have you ever wondered what goes into creating the world famous Asterix or Tintin comic series? Or the lovable Calvin & Hobbes series?

Or how about something closer home - like the following cartoons from the New Indian Express? 

Biz As Usual

Well, here's your chance to get those questions answered and better yet, maybe create a comic strip yourself under the guidance of none other than Biswajit Balasubramanian - renowned cartoonist, co-owner of the Forum Art Gallery and the creator of the Biz As Usual series (the samples shown above) 

For more than 15 years Biswajit has followed his passion and made a career out of making cartoons. He has conducted various cartoon, doodling and comics workshops for all ages. Through these workshops, he hopes to establish the legitimacy of cartoonists within the art community in India and break stereotypes in India where cartoons/ comics are meant for children .

Be it art classes, sketching, doodling or plain scribbling, we have all put pencil (or crayons, watercolors, name it!) to paper at some point in our lives. LocalXO's comic appreciation workshop with Biswajit will give you an opportunity to pick up the pencil (or your preferred choice of stationery) again and explore the basics of cartooning in a fun yet informative manner. 

As a part of the experience, Biswajit will  introduce you to cartoons and cartooning. You will then be guided on developing characters, creating panels, use of colours, and so on. The remainder of the session will be exercise driven and will include hands-on activity either via a collaborative or an individual project.

This experience is scheduled for June 3rd 2017 and is suitable for those who are 15 years and above of age and well..that's it! There's no further criteria to enroll, sketch a whimsical character or two and have fun while at it! You can enroll for the experience here

- Deepthi (Instagram - @deepthi24). A full-time IT professional & a part-time blogger. Baking & gymming enthusiast (oh, the irony!). Amateur painter on glass. Travel & music lover. Foodie. In love with the idea of love.