It’s time for some DIY y’all!

As somebody who paints on flat glass surfaces, I’ve always wondered what it would take to use your old mason jars, empty wine bottles, pickle bottles and so on and convert them into something pretty and painted on! Maybe make them into a hanging lamp of sorts?

Well, I’m hoping to have the above questions and more answered in the oh-so-interesting lamp making workshop being organized by Hobby in a Box

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This is a 4-hour workshop where you will be taught how to upcycle old glass bottles into awesome ready-to-use lamps – i.e. how to master the art of cutting a bottle smoothly by scoring and stressing the glass in the right way followed by decorating the cut bottle and then finally adding the electrical fixtures – and voilà, your lamp is ready!

As long as you bring along your innate creativity and ofcourse a few glass bottles on which you can practise your cutting (the more the merrier), you’ll be all set!

When and where’s it happening?

27th May 2017, 10:30 AM to 2:30 PMStudio PepperFry, Nungambakkam, Chennai

You can book your spots either with Hobby in a Box directly or use the below link –

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