Here's 5 reasons why you should choose your smartphone over a DSLR to create professional looking shots!

Let's face it - however expensive or cheap our phone is, the most common use we have for it is the camera. In this day of Snapchat, Instagram and TL;DR millennials, it is all about story telling through pictures. Here are a few reasons why you should choose a smartphone over a DSLR to create some amazing pictures

1. The effort of lugging around a DSLR on your travels

We are loving this very Woody Allen-esque capture that would inspire all you travel aficionados. There is no need to carry your expensive and heavy Canon 40D when your smartphone can do just as well and at half the cost.

2. At a moment's notice

Pets are silly. Cats, Dogs, Rabbits, Mice, Husbands. They all have their idiosyncrasies. Most times though, it is completely unexpected and you don't really have the time to grab the DSLR to capture it for posterity.

3. Simplicity 

The finest of chefs needn't necessarily possess the best of photography skills. Do what you do best in whipping up those #foodporn worthy delicacies and still make sure the world sees your skills by using your smartphone to capture your creations.

4. Affordable and less of an entry barrier

Some of us have chosen the path of being a product blogger and making good bucks with freebies thrown our way. For most product reviews, a good smartphone shot is more than sufficient than the effort of a DSLR. 


5. Instant share on different mediums

We all have that one friend who has to take a minimum of 10 clicks to get the perfect shot which HAS to be edited and shared instantly on social media. This one is to help you get brownie points with that friend.


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