Strong is the new sexy... a fitness + nutrition 101 experience!

I am sure we all started this year with a resolution to get fit(ter) and it's 6 months since. Whether you kept up with it and been working out or still struggling to begin your fitness journey, here's a chance to learn more about fitness and nutrition that you can incorporate into your daily lives.

Jen Thomas is an internationally certified personal trainer & fitness instructor specialising in women’s fitness. We love Jen's mantra of “Strong is the new Sexy” which encourages women of every age to embrace their body, celebrate their differences and work to become the best version of themselves.

Aksha Nanavati's "Soul Souffle" is a subscription based food brand that encourages modern, conscious individuals to go back to a more human, natural way of eating. 

Jen and Aksha come together to host this experience to help you understand the common myths around weight loss and healthy eating. Jen will take you through a great full body workout that you can replicate anytime, anywhere, even at home or when you travel. It will focus on the upper body, lower body and most definitely your core.

 After you cool down, Aksha will walk you through post-workout nutrition and will provide her signature "soul boxes' that include the perfect post workout fix - a smoothie, salad and nutrition bar.

This experience is perfect for women between 25 and 55 who are always on the go and find it hard to commit to a gym schedule or if you are just plain lazy to get your ass off the couch but still care about being fit.

Please note that there are only 8 spots for this experience as we want everyone to get personalised attention. This experience is available once a month in June, July and August and you can book this experience here