Abha’s Probiotics, founded by Abha Appasamy, is a brand of artisanal fermented drinks containing multiple strains of live and active bacteria that are essential for digestive health. They help restore the balance of gut flora and improve digestion and immunity. They are natural, organic and low in sugar. 

The aim of Abha’s Probiotics is to make products that help actively improve or maintain health accessible to all, and so delicious you won’t skip drinking them. We have created a line with enough variety that there is something  for everyone, including diabetics, elderly and children.

You will find our products in many Organic and Premium Stores around Chennai, like Terra Earthfoods, Dhanyam Superstores, Vaer Organics, Earth Story, Sunnybee Market, Amma Naana, Eco Indian, Organic Shandy and a few others.

Try us today to bolster your immunity the natural, flavourful way!

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