5 sensory immersive yoga experience


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What is it?

If you can’t decide whether you would like an evening of fitness, detox or spirituality, we suggest you hop in for all the above combined. Join us for a unique 5 sensory immersive Yoga experience, lead by Divya Srinivasan of Rutland Gate Studio accompanied with live acoustics on the tambura by Ranjani Sivakumar and finish the session with the healthy diet practices of South India and sample a delicacy or two! 

What is yoga for the 5 senses?

We experience life through our 5 senses. We rely on our senses to perform the most basic of tasks, to eat, to feel, to see, to hear and to smell.  Yoga believes that the senses are a gateway to higher consciousness. Understanding and stimulating the senses can facilitate personal transformation, peace and abundance.

This session is aimed at increasing mindfulness by leading you - mind, body and soul into a complete immersive practice for all your senses.

Who is it for?

Perfect for: Men, Women between 16 and 75

When it's offered?

If you would like to book this experience for your private group, please call us on 98403 37822.

How long is it?

Approximately 1.5 hours

Who's included?

The instructor can handle up to 16 people in the group.

About your hosts

Rutland gate studio: Rutland gate studio is a beautiful glass yoga studio set amongst greenery, fresh air and natural lighting creating the perfect serene setting to re-energise, that too right in the heart of the city.  It is the brainchild of Ishani Appaya who moved to Chennai 6 years ago. Having practiced yoga for over 10 years, turning this passion into a living, breathing brick and mortar enterprise was the natural way of things. The Rutland Gate studio has quickly become home and hub to all the city’s favourite teachers and practitioners.

Divya Srinivasan: A self-taught Yogi, Divya is one of the most sought-after Yoga teachers in Chennai today. With over a decade of experience teaching Yoga and alternate healing, her practice and teaching takes her to various countries such as Italy, Seychelles, the UAE and China. Many recognize her as the Health and Wellness columnist for ‘The Hindu’ with her weekly column, where she shared her Yoga wisdom and personal lessons from her own life and practice. She is also a Tarot card reader and an Alternative Healing Therapist.

Ranjani Sivakumar: is a classical musician whose music draws attention for its aesthetics, quality of voice, finely calibrated style and a truthful expression with it. Music has been her best teacher and she is thankful for having had the opportunity to travel far and wide with it thereby enriching her life experience.

Experience Description

The session will begin by depriving you of your most distracting sense – sight. Blindfolds will be used to get you to focus and concentrate on the activity at hand. Live Carnatic music accompanied by the tambura will soothe your thoughts and physical discomforts tuning and guiding your mind into the here-and-now.

You will then be led by Divya through the 5 Sensory Immersive Experience

SIGHT: Our power to see is probably one of our most relied upon yet most distracting senses. Depriving you of this sense forcibly brings you participate and tune into the moment and the practice.

SOUND: The sense of sound is the strongest in us. A part of the brain is always alert and awake, constantly listening out sounds. A sound can set the tone for your feelings, either calm you or aggravate you.

SMELL: The power of this sense can transport us to memories from long ago or give in to feelings of euphoria, irritation or anxiety.

TOUCH: The gentlest of touch on the right pulse points can make the world of difference

TASTE: A mindful eating experience with food and a drink (healthy, herbal and non-alcoholic). The meal will be preceded by a Vedic chant; the meal will be eaten in complete silence and with focus on the process of eating.

Where it's located

Rutland Gate Studio: 5/11 Rutland Gate, 4th Street, Nungambakkam, Chennai - 600 006

What's included

  • Facilities: Water, Tissues, Rest room, Changing room
  • Basic studio mats will be provided upon request, for those who don't have their own
  • 5 senses yoga immersive experience
  • Authentic South Indian Health drink & snacks
  • Handy take home cards of the prayer taught in class with the meaning/ translation

Guest Requirements

Age: All guests must be at least 16 years old and children can’t come along

Proof of Purchase: Email or printed confirmation

Gender: Women, Men

What to wear

Dress comfortably in yoga attire.

  • Ladies: Knee length to full length pants – t-shirts or racerbacks with sports bra underneath (Lots of different poses, bending, twisting etc. – you want to be comfortable and not conscious of yourself)
  • Men: T-shirts and track pants or knee length shorts.

What to bring

  • Please bring your own mats, basic studio mats will be provided upon request
  • For those concerned about hygiene, our recommendation is to carry your own essentials as well - a small towel for your face and a large towel to spread on your mat.