The Brand Story


Founded by Suneethi Raj, in 2017, LocalXO works with brands to showcase them in the local community through experiences, story telling and content based marketing via both offline and online channels. Our reputation is synonymous with curating upscale and trending concepts centred around food.


True to our tag line 'Bringing brands to life', we provide a range of services

  • Brand Story telling & Advisory
  • Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • Development & Design (Websites)
  • Curated Events, Experiential Marketing
  • Public Relations & Media


    A platform to discover local talent (both individuals and brands) that are hidden gems and make them accessible to a wider local network by creating brand awareness through content and the experience itself.  


    LocalXO has conducted 200+ events across Chennai & Bangalore in the last 3.5 years, working with 300+ brands in food, lifestyle and hospitality, many of which have received a sell-out response.

    With the onset of the COVID pandemic, we saw a golden opportunity to help brands digitize their business and advise them on how best to position themselves in the 'new normal' via online & offline channels.

    We have had the pleasure of doing Websites / Advisory / Company Profiles for 25+ brands across India & abroad in 8 short months and received glowing feedback.


    Our journey began with a focus on creating upscale experiences in collaboration with niche start up brands in food & lifestyle, not otherwise easily accessible in Chennai. Over the past 3.5 years, we gave grown steadily but maintain our high quality and service standards. This is evident from the fact that a majority of our clients (both Brands & Guest database) continue to remain loyal to us since our inception.

    We work with all sizes of companies, from small businesses to large hospitality groups. We have been instrumental in various brand launches, devising unique ways of making an impact in the market and creating a buzz in the right circles that creates tremendous brand recall.


    • F&B Advisory
    • Targeted marketing to HNI database
    • Curated events to attract the local crowd to the venue
    • Collaborations with trending local brands for cross promotion
    • Write press notes, choose pictures and interact with media on their behalf


    • Pop ups, Curated events, Marketing to our "engaged" database
    • Collaborations with brands for cross promotion
    • Company profiles, Brand Storytelling, Content writing, Websites, E-commerce


    We have become "the" people in town for unique curation centred around food & drinks that appeal to the open minded, experience seeking customer. We take relationships very seriously and as a result, we maintain a loyal and engaged database who stay connected with our journey and keep coming back to all our events.

    • Pop up markets, Pop up dining, Supper clubs, Workshops, Travel getaways
    • Discovery of new brands, get to experience global concepts in their city
    • Great place to meet people, network and bond with like minded people
    • Form emotional relationships with the brands


    Suneethi Raj
    Founder, LocalXO

    Bringing people together over magical experiences is what Suneethi thrives on. Taking cues from global trends while living abroad for 10 years, she is determined to re-define how brands are perceived in India. 

    Born and raised in Chennai, she has a deep understanding of the city's growing trends as well as the gaps in the market. 

    Her strong business acumen coupled with an extensive personal network of both - experience seeking customers as well as contemporary niche brands, makes her a force to reckon with.