About LocalXO

Wake up! It’s a brand new day!

Chennai! It’s time to wake up and take experiences to the next level! While being invited to commercial events, private parties and signing up for classes is plenty appealing, we are thinking far beyond the regular experiences. We are stepping it up plenty of notches.


Yoga moves in a lush green setting. Finding your inner peace and listening to your true inner self. Hearing each breath make its way through your body. And wrap it all up with a crash course on learning to make healthy, Ayurvedic recipes.



How well do you really know your city? Sure, you have a great sense of loyalty to it, but do you really know what makes it tick? Join us for a walk to learn more. And just when you think the day can’t get any better, we swoop in and wow you with a decadent offering of local cuisines. 


You sure do miss the times when you had hours to spend on the phone with your bestie catching up on completely inane gossip. All our worlds have just gotten so much busier. Why not take some time off to get together with your besties and catch up over a luxurious spa session. Or maybe learn about fitness while indulging in nibbles and drinks?


Everyone likes to believe they are an ace photographer. And while that is probably a bit ambitious, it is certainly not hard to achieve. And all you need is your valuable smart phone. And a few hours with an ace photographer. Alia Bhatt may no longer have the final say in taking selfies.


Moms are too busy raising their kids. And kids are too busy trying to raise themselves to be someone else. How about a nice bonding session where mother and child learns to cook up a fabulous meal? This is an exception to the rule of more than one cook spoiling the broth.

You can experience all this and more as an individual or within an intimate group setting that can be customised to your taste. LocalXO presents a series of one-of-a-kind experiences curated with love by locals in Chennai. We provide a one stop shop for unique experiences, known only through word of mouth and  and bring it together through entertainment, learning and loads of fun. Each experience aims to provide an avenue where like-minds find each other and go home with a story.