Saturday Market - Together at Home

Missing your favourite gourmet local brands? The 16th edition of our market is aptly called 'Together at Home',  this time on Saturday given all Sundays are lockdown.

Given the times, we have come up with a way to bring the concept of a food pop up to your homes. This edition of our Market is an online market place for niche, artisan brands (not available at stores or on delivery apps) that can be enjoyed by you at home!

We've always been VOCAL about LOCAL, and now even more so we have an opportunity to both support local vendors and provide a streamlined way for you to enjoy your goodies from multiple vendors (with out the burden of complicated logistics and coordination).

1. We've curated ~10 artisan vendors with niche, high quality products who will be selling their signature products.  See the Vendors list here

2. Until August 7th, you can pre-order your items right here on the LocalXO website, from multiple vendors.

3. On the day of the Saturday Market (August 8th), you can take away/ pick up/Dunzo your package from Bungalow 12, Adyar between 10.30 am to 1 pm.

Note: For Dunzo pick up, please bear in mind whether your order (weight) can be carried on a bike.
We strongly suggest you come over for a drive and pick up your hampers for the true weekend outing feel!