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What is it?

A comprehensive ‘Ceramic Workshop’ for adults consisting of 8 sessions per month conducted every weekend by skilled experts at ”AGS” (Apparao Galleries Secret Garden Studio)

You will learn how to work with clay, hand building and potters wheel with gas kiln firing.

All the classes will be handled by practising artists with great skill. There will be a continuity in the  teachers with visiting guest faculty occasionally as a surprise .

    Why we love this? 

    What's so great about pottery is that there is no template to stick to. There is no right or wrong but only self-expression. Pottery lends a whole range of health and mental benefits including better hand eye coordination, stronger motor skills, stronger problem solving skills and so much more.

    About the Studio

    Apparao galleries has been in the business of promoting artists for three and a half decades . The secret garden studio is an extension of the Apparao galleries outreach programme to allow art lovers to have the real physicality of creativity while allowing artists an interaction with the public .

    Be it as a profession, hobby, or therapy, AGS will impart training and skill to allow participants to pursue art either as a profession or as a fun exercise.

    Who is it for?

    Perfect for ADULTS

    • Those looking to take up pottery as a new hobby
    • Practising artists looking to hone their skills and enhance their profession

    Experience Description:

    • The well rounded month long training will help a novice understand the craft required to use art as a communication to express one’s personal narrative and creativity.
    • The workshop style teaching will also allow existing artists to interact, brush up, and refresh their practice. For those already skilled it will open up new areas of expression as it will mean interacting with another practicing artist with no holds barred.

    When it's offered?

    • Dates: The July series begins July 7th and will be conducted every Saturday & Sunday.
    • No. of sessions: 2 hours per session x 8 sessions / month
    • Time: 1 - 3 pm

    Who's included?

    There will be upto 15 people in each batch. 

    Where it's located

    Apparao Gallery Secret Garden Studio: 7, Wallace Gardens, 3rd street, Nungambakkam, Chennai 6

    What materials do I need?

    1. Clay 
    2. Modelling tools
    3. Glaze

    All materials can be purchased at the art studio for a nominal cost. These cannot be purchased easily in outside shops.

    What to wear

    Wear something comfortable & cool. The studio is not air-conditioned but in a shaded and cool covered studio area with beautiful old trees providing an inspiring ambience