Breastfeeding Basics: Off to a good start!

Breastfeeding Basics: Off to a good start!


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What is it?

A fun, hands on interactive session conducted by Dr. Sonali Santhanam of Birth Basix, designed to help couples understand and connect with their babies and get breastfeeding off to a good start. This session provides you evidence-based information so you know for sure what helps when it comes to breastfeeding and caring for your baby.

Special Add on: 2 Pregnancy shots by ace photographer Sunder Ramu.

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Why we love this?

New mothers have ample support at the hospital but they can feel overwhelmed with the new baby at home, especially in the first few weeks. If breastfeeding is going well, it is easier for mothers to start enjoying their newborn while they recover. Understanding newborn behaviours and adjusting your expectations in the first few weeks can ease your transition to parenthood. 

We love the way Dr. Sonali is committed to help women stay fit and pain free through pregnancy, have a safe and gentle birthing experience and enjoy a joyful transition to parenthood.

Who is it for?

  • Perfect for: Expectant couples who want to prepare for breastfeeding before their little baby arrives
  • Mothers who have recently given birth but have starting trouble and want to learn how to troubleshoot

When it's offered?

Saturday, Sept 2nd 2017 | 10 am - 12 pm

If any change in schedule after purchase, an associate will call you.

How long is it?

Approximately 2 hours

Who's included?

There will be up to 15 people in the group.

About your host: Sonali Santhanam

  • Dr. Sonali Santhanam PhD Ms. PT is a certified lactation specialist childbirth educator and physical therapist specializing in gynaecological conditions. She consults at Motherhood, Chennai, Apollo Cradle, and Suman Clinic in Mahalingapuram.
  • Sonali’s perinatal programs support women from preconception to well after they have birthed their babies.
  • She founded Birth Basix to bring evidence-based information about pregnancy childbirth and breastfeeding to couples to help them make informed decisions.
  • Her Natural Birth and Breastfeeding classes have helped couples welcome their babies into the world with a sense of empowerment and calm.
  • Dr. Sonali is also an independent researcher and has authored numerous research papers in her field.

Experience Description

  • Discuss about the benefits of breastfeeding for mom, baby and society as a whole.
  • Understand how breast-feeding works, how the body miraculously makes just the right amount of milk for the baby and how the composition of milk changes to meet the baby’s new demands.
  • Learn how to avoid falling into the formula trap and how this impacts mother’s milk supply.
  • Understand newborn behavior, recognize signs of hunger, understand your baby’s cries, how much and how often to feed at each breastfeeding milestone.
  • Learn how to get a good latch every time, trouble shoot in the early days if you have pain, overfilling or discomfort.
  • Understand why babies cry and how to calm a baby like baby whisperer.
  • How to handle and understand contradictory advice about breastfeeding and making a decision based on scientific facts.
  • You will have time to learn and practice different feeding positions with a doll in class.
  • Q & A session 
  • Pregnancy shoot (for those who opted in)

Where it's located

Private residence: No 10, 2nd Crescent Park Street, Terracotta, Apartment C1, Gandhinagar Adyar Chennai 20

What's included

  • Practice session with model babies
  • Handouts for:
    • Newborn feeding and sleep patterns
    • Making more milk!
    • Pumping and storing milk
    • Chart for introducing solids at 6 months
  • Refreshments
  • Pregnancy shoot (for those who opted in)

Guest Requirements

Age: Babies in arms are welcome

Proof of Purchase: Email or printed confirmation

Gender: Expectant mothers/ couples

What to bring

Nothing, pens and handouts will be provided