BUDDHA BOWLS Salad Workshop

BUDDHA BOWLS Salad Workshop


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What is it?

Join us for a Salad making workshop where you will learn to make different types of Buddha Bowls full of beautiful colourful ingredients sourced from fresh produce available in Chennai and dressing and spice mixes made from scratch!

Concept of Buddha Bowls
Named for its big, round Buddha belly shape, a “Buddha bowl” (also called Glory or Hippie Bowls) can mean different things to different people, but let's define it here as a one-dish meal consisting of rice or whole grains, roasted veggies, a dressing and protein (by way of beans, tofu, lentils, or in some cases meat or fish). Sometimes they also include toppings like nuts, seeds and dressings for added texture and flavour.
What you will learn:

Namrata of Käse cheese will cover a diverse burst of flavours by demonstrating 5 bowls each with 5 or more elements, with different combination of raw and cooked elements, different textures and all brought together using a sauce or dressing influenced by a certain cuisine

1. Cajun Heritage rice, grilled squash, mushrooms, halloumi, pineapple

2. Mexican Sweet potato, spinach, chickpea

3. Mediterranean Raw plantain falafel, grilled cauliflower, roasted carrot with black bean mash

4. Korean Rice, beans, vegetables, kimchi

5. Thai Millets, broccoli, peppers, peanut, spring onion

Experience Description

  • The workshop will be a demo & a hands-on format where you will learn to make 5 gourmet salads with global influences
  • The salads for the workshop will be vegetarian but the meat suggestions will be discussed for each.
  • All the salad dressing and seasonings are made from scratch and we'll tell you how!
  • After each salad is demonstrated, you can come up with your own plating ideas and whip up your own salad bowl to enjoy what was made. If you prefer, you can box your salads and carry it home.
  • On the day of the workshop, the recipes will be provided

Who is it for?

Everyone: Men, Women, Kids 

Calling all foodies and cooking enthusiasts trying to figure out how to make those delicious salads you see drool worthy pictures of. The session is kid friendly so young chefs are welcome!

Why we love this?

Putting together a salad in can be daunting and cumbersome as sourcing the right ingredients can sometimes feel elusive. This session uses fresh ingredients to create colourful and wholesome salads for every palette which will be a sure hit with the family or your next party!

All the cheese used is made locally by Käse who are the go-to cheesemakers in town with their range of natural cheese. 

We love Käse as they work with people with disabilities to make artisanal cow milk cheese. Their cheese are 'clean' with no added preservatives, emulsifiers or additives. You will have an opportunity to buy the cheese at the workshop venue!

When it's offered?

Sat, April 4th 2020 | 10.30 am to 1 pm

How long is it?

Approximately 2.5 hours

Who's included?

There will be up to 20 people in the group.

Where it's located


No. 47, 3rd St, Sriram Colony, Abiramapuram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600018