Know your Cheese - Plating the Perfect Platter

Know your Cheese - Plating the Perfect Platter


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What is it?

Join us for an afternoon of cheese like none other. The idea behind this session comes from the fact that we often get questions like "What cheese to buy for a platter", "What do I serve it with", "What sort of food should I be serving with it" and so on hence - Plating the Perfect Platter!

What's included?
  1. Cheese types & basics of pairing with Food / Tea & Coffee / Wine. We will serve 2 teas to demonstrate the pairing.
  2. Before & after meal platters - what is the difference, how do you pick the right cheese
  3. Accompaniments / Condiments / Appetizers / Dips & Relish - we will go through a couple of these and also demonstrate 3 appetizers & 2 dips
  4. At the end we will serve a delicious lunch that includes a Cheese platter, a Salad, a Baked vegetable dish & a Dessert.

    Experience Description

    • The workshop will be both a demo & a hands-on format 
    • The session will be vegetarian but meat suggestions can be discussed for each.
    • On the day of the workshop there won't be handouts, but we will provide paper and pen for notes. 

    Who is it for?

    Everyone: Men, Women, Kids 

    Calling all foodies and cooking enthusiasts trying to figure out how to create those perfect cheese platters you see drool worthy pictures of. The session is kid friendly so young chefs are welcome!

    Why we love this?

    Putting together the right cheese platter in Chennai can be daunting and cumbersome as sourcing the right ingredients can sometimes feel elusive. The expert cheesemakers at Käse have broken it all down for you and will have you whipping out picture worthy platters for your next party.  

    The best part? All the cheese used is made in house by Käse who retail in select markets in the city. We love Käse as they work with people with disabilities to make artisanal cow milk cheese. Their cheese are 'clean' with no added preservatives, emulsifiers or additives. You will have an opportunity to buy the cheese at the workshop venue!

    When it's offered?

    To be decided. 

    If you wish to book this for a private group, write to us at with your requirements.

    We need a minimum of 10 guests to conduct this session. 

    How long is it?

    Approximately 3 hours

    Who's included?

    There will be up to 16 people in the group.

    Where it's located

    "Käse", New No. 47, 3rd street, Abhiramapuram, Chennai

    • Directions: enter the street adjacent to Cafe Coffee Day on CP Ramaswamy road
    • Instructions: Come up to the 3rd floor for the workshop