Chocolate Making Workshop


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What is it?

Who doesn't love chocolate? Now learn to create your own in this Level 1 workshop.

This course teaches you how to work with couvertures (Belgian Chocolates) and compound chocolates and will give you a detailed knowledge behind the science of tempering couvertures.

Piyus Arya of Frangipani Culinary Expressions will cover the following techniques

  • Tempering with seeding Method
  • Tempering with Tabulature method
  • How to test tempering
  • Maintaining Temperatures
  • Colouring of chocolates
  • Packaging of chocolates
  • Adding liquid flavouring to chocolates
  • Making in bulk
  • Comparing courvertures and compound
  • Techniques for soft filling with compound

What is Couverture?

Couverture is a very high quality grade of real chocolate with a solid, intense and perfectly balanced taste. The Indian market is full of compound chocolate which is basically easy to use but could be considered fake chocolate compared to couvertures which needs to be tempered. Come experience the real deal, right from the shine to the melt in the mouth experience. 

What to expect?

    1. The course will be a fully hands on. Each student will be tempering the chocolates by both the methods and you will be creating your own chocolates
    2. All the chocolates will be shown via demo and you will have to make the chocolates by yourselves with help from the instructors
    3. The flavour aspects will be discussed in detail so you can start making your own flavours and filling your own chocolates. The varieties of fillings that will be covered:
      • Caramel mousse
      • Roast Pista white
      • Java Dark
      • Chocolate orange
      • Fresh fruit ganache
      • Lemon Pepper
    1. All the ingredients and recipes will be provided for the class

      Who is it for?

      Everyone: Men, Women, Kids (Above 10 Years)

      Calling all chocolate lovers, food enthusiasts, budding chefs & young chefs! Everyone will be welcomed with a chocolate carpet.

      Where it's located

      Frangipani Culinary Expressions

      • Address: 6/9 cresent street, Boat Club Road (Off ABM Avenue)
      • Building name: "Boat Club villa" - Ground floor

      When it's offered?

      Saturday - Sept 29th, 2018 | 11 am to 3.30 pm

      How long is it?

      Approximately 4.5 hours

      Who's included?

      You will be joining an existing group that will have up to 15 people and each person will be provided with their own space to work

      Why we love this

      The chocolate market is changing and peoples taste buds are evolving, even right here in Chennai. The Frangipani team is keen on educating the local community on the tastes and nuances of real chocolate. The art of chocolate making covers many aspects right from the taste to the techniques involved. This session will surely have you fall in love with the aromas of chocolate and the science behind chocolates as a whole. They also teach you how to make the fillings from scratch!