Learn to cook traditional Indian vegetarian recipes

Learn to cook traditional Indian vegetarian recipes

Cook with Sundari Krishna

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What is it?

Learn to cook 4-5 dishes, part of a South Indian or North Indian vegetarian meal that you will eat with your hands on stainless steel plates or fresh banana leaves.

The South Indian staple menu may include typical Tamilian vegetarian main dishes such as rasam (tangy peppery broth), sambar (lentil and tamarind based vegetable stew), and a variety of vegetable curries, rice, raita, condiments and snacks.

Alternatively, you may request to learn to make a South Indian brunch of dosas, idlis and vadas with a variety of chutneys instead.

The North Indian menu may include dishes such as nan, kulcha, roti, curries, gravies, pulao, biryani and snacks such as pav bhaji, dhokla, etc.

Who is it for?

Perfect for:

  • Expats that want to learn Indian cooking
  • Newbies or students traveling abroad that are new to cooking
  • Just anyone who wants to perfect the art of traditional cooking

Why we love this? 

Sundari is a vegetarian who has lived in the Middle East and Thailand for a good amount of time and is passionate about food. She believes the best way of learning this art is self-learning with guidance. Hence, she will guide you with instructions while you cook in her kitchen. She will have everything well planned including pre-cut vegetables so that you can concentrate on learning and cooking all the delicious recipes yourself. After the cooking session, you may either choose to have lunch or dinner on a beautifully arranged table at her residence OR carry the food back home with you.

When it's offered?

Any day of the week pending Sundari's availability. Once you choose your category of choice and book this experience, we will send you Sundari's contact details post which you can choose your date, time and menu options.

    How long is it?

    Approximately 2.5 hours

    Who's included?

    This is a very personalised experience and hence, a maximum of 3 people for the same menu options only.

    Experience Description

    Basic set up: Veg prep area /Cooking area/ Dining Area




    •  In this category, Sundari will send 12 combinations (lunch, dinner, breakfast) to choose from
    • This will be particularly helpful for those:
      • Expats news to Indian cuisine 
      • Students going abroad for higher studies
      • Newbies that are new to cooking
    • Menu - You will learn three main course dishes with a sweet/ drink/ dip. That is, total 4 recipes.



    • In this category, the recipes are a little more complicated and it needs a little more intense training .
    • Sundari will be teaching 4 recipes (the perfect combination). For eg: dal, jeera rice/roti, dry or semi-dry curry and raita
    • You can take the food back home in your own lunch boxes.



    • You will be provided a list of the main course dishes.
    • You can choose 5 main course items, one from each category 
    • You can choose to either dine there or carry it home.
    • CATEGORY 3 will have a complimentary dish prepared by Sundari in advance which will include an accompaniment for the main course prepared on that day.

      Additional Info:

      Extra packing charges in case you choose to carry the food back with you.

      Packing charges is INR 300 for 7 take-home hygienic packages with spoons and plates. Kindly notify her in advance and she will arrange the table or packing materials per your preference. Please don’t forget to inform her on allergies or dietary restrictions you have. Also you can let her know about your spice levels and lactose acceptance levels.

      Where it's located

      Shastri Nagar, Adyar, Chennai 600020 ( the exact address will be provided to confirmed participants)

      What is included

      • Cooking studio and required equipment
      • Eat the food you cooked or take it back home with you
      • Recipes to take home
      • All the three categories will be served with a welcome  drink on arrival  and hot beverages  at the end of the class
      • Demonstration is done only on request
      • The guest will be trained to cook their recipes on their own under Sundari’s supervision

      Guest Requirements

      Proof of Purchase: Email or printed confirmation

      Gender: All

      What to wear

      Wearing cotton or light clothing will be helpful to beat Chennai’s heat

      What to bring

      • Guests can bring their own water bottle and containers to take the cooked food back home (if you are not dining at Sundari's)
      • Guests must take care of their own transport arrangements. If required, Sundari can arrange on request for normal charges.