Food Trail - Chennai


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What is it?

Take a walk through Sowcarpet – with your appetites leading the way! Taste street food and get street smart about communities that have contributed to Chennai’s culinary scene. And as you go, chew upon a bit of history and nibble on some stories. This is one tongue-tickling trail that will leave you stuffed.

Who is it for?

Perfect for: Everyone over the age of 12

Are you a foodie looking for a truly cultural and local experience where you get to explore the some of the local treats Chennai has to offer? If yes, book your spot for the Food Trail now!

Why we love this? 

Pav bhaji, pal kova, thattu idli and murukku sandwich - words that can make any foodie drool. How would you like these served with a fistful of spicy stories? Stories of people and their passion for food, of food fetishes that are as laughable as thought provoking, and of recipes that are jealously guarded secrets.

When it's offered?

All days except Sundays subject to availability | 04:00pm to 06:30pm

Prior booking necessary. Once you book your ticket, call us on 9841177748 or email us at to schedule date and time to confirm booking.

How long is it?

Approximately 2.5 hours

Who's included?

You will be added to an existing group of up to 10 people max. If you wish to book a private tour for your group of friends/family/colleagues, please call us on 9841177748 or email us at to book.

Experience Description

The streets of Sowcarpet team with shops selling food - from the exotic to the everyday. Let us take you on a walk that gets you to sample the best of this and the best of that. And that is just for starters. We’ll show you how a morsel of food could hide a million pointers to the way of life of a people. Join us as we delve into profoundly philosophical questions - how did our food turn so spicy, or why are we so sweet obsessed?

 The food trail through the busy streets of Sowcarpet is guaranteed to be an assault on your senses. So come, if you are a complete foodie, obsessively adventurous and very, very hungry!

Where it's located

Reporting Venue: Joonus Sait and Sons, Opposite Flower bazaar police station Round tana, No 36, Rattan Bazaar Road, George Town Chennai – 600003

What is included

Bottled water and all the food you can eat at the stops on the trail.


By foot.

Guest Requirements

Age: All guests must be at least 12 years old 

Proof of Purchase: Email or printed confirmation

Gender: All

What to wear

Wear something cool and summery as Chennai weather is humid. Since most of the tour is on foot, wear comfortable shoes. Since we will be walking through the market, please be advised to dress conservatively covering your shoulders and legs. 

What to bring

Your own water bottle if you prefer and comfortable shoes. If you have any gluten related allergies or any other concerns, please call us to check suitability for this trail.