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What is it?

Learn to create your very own edible garden and enjoy the fruits of your labour, quite literally!

As we step into the 'new normal' a.k.a COVID times and even once the pandemic is under control, we need to make a conscious effort to sustain the environmental gains of the lockdown.

LocalXO in collaboration with experts have put together this holistic 6 part series that will equip you with the knowledge, techniques and resources to create your own sustainable 'farm to table' experience right at home!


GROW (conducted by The Magic Bean)

KITCHEN GARDEN - Sat May 16th, 4 to 5 pm 

Applicable for Rooftop / Terrace/ Balcony Garden

MICRO GREENS - Sat May 23, 4 to 5 pm

EAT (conducted by Namrata Sundaresan, Co-Founder Kase)


REPEAT (conducted by The Magic Bean)

COMPOSTINGSat June 6, 4 to 5 pm




    We noticed common trends during the past few weeks such as a sincere passion for cooking at home combined with a enthusiastic DIY spirit. 

    We want to help you grow your own food, the reasons are plenty!

    • it's environmentally friendly
    • it's affordable
    • it's sustainable
    • you can DIY
    • it's a satisfying, healthy and rewarding experience
    • (if those aren't reasons enough) many celebrated chefs, grow their own produce!

    This is a perfect opportunity for each one of us to create our own flourishing kitchen garden and also become conscious of what we are doing with our food after we’re “done.”

    Most of us don’t think about where our fruit peels and egg shells go after they are tossed in the trash, or the magnitude of the impact that decision has on our environment.

    Let's pool our energy and resources to create a more sustainable lifestyle that will benefit not just now, but also the future.

    Experience Description

    • Each session will be conducted online via a Zoom session for a duration of 1 hour
    • An expert will conduct the session in a demo & interactive format
    • After each session you will be provided with presentation material and a list of local resources that will enable you to kick off your own DIY projects at home!

    How it works:

    • Purchase an individual session or the entire course bundle right here on the LocalXO platform
    • Once you have paid, you will get a confirmation email.
    • A day prior to the session, you will receive the link for the virtual meeting (Zoom)
    • You will receive a reminder via WhatsApp the day of each session
    • Log into the meeting at the scheduled time and get ready to learn!