Master Class: Cakes, Icing & Decoration


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What is it?

Join us for a 2 day course on cake making. You will learn how to make12 kinds of cakes, 3 types of icing and various decoration techniques.

The course is curated such that you will learn to make professional type of eggless cakes from scratch in simple, easy to grasp steps with easily available ingredients.

In this session, you will learn the following essential techniques required for Cake baking and icing

  • How to make Eggless cake
  • Cutting and layering a cake
  • Icing a cake with a pallet knife
  • Decoration techniques with Piping cream using an icing bag
  • Decoration techniques with chocolate and icing gel

What you will learn?

  1. Dry/Tea Cakes

    • Orange Upside down cake 
    • Mango/Strawberry/Apple Cake (Fresh fruit cake- Seasonal)
    • Whole wheat Choco chip walnut cake 
    • Cappuccino cake
  2. Decorated Cake/ fully iced cakes

    • Tropical Fruit Gateaux
    • Triple Chocolate Mousse 
    • Chocolate orange truffle cake 
    • Caramel infused Chocolate cake
  3. Dessert Cake

    • Cake in the jar 
    • Chocolate Bavarian 
    • Red Velvet Cupcake 
    • Triple Chocolate brownie0
  4. Icing

    • Whipped cream
    • Chocolate Ganache 
    • Cream Cheese
  5. Decoration

    Gel, Chocolate and Basic piping decoration

What to expect?

  1. This course will equip you with fundamentals of making various types of cake and icing so you can start whipping out cakes for occasions like birthdays with confidence.
  2. The course is fully hands on where students will get their own work station with a turntable and pallet knife for the class and would have to ice and decorate their own cake
  3. All equipment for the course is provided along with printed recipes
  4. Every student will get enough time to practice icing and piping
  5. The students can take home their creations

      Who is it for?

      Everyone: Men, Women, Kids (Above 10 Years)

      Calling all bakers, food enthusiasts, budding chefs, home chefs & young chefs! 

      Where it's located

      Frangipani Culinary Expressions

      • Address: 6/9 Crescent street, Boat Club Road (Off ABM Avenue)
      • Building name: "Boat Club villa" - Ground floor

      When it's offered?

      23rd & 24th October (Tuesday & Wednesday)

      11 am - 2.30 pm

      How long is it?

      8 hours in total (2 days, 4 hours per day)

      Who's included?

      A maximum of 12 people in a course and each person will be provided with their own space to work