Peacock Trail


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What is it?

An easy walk through Mylapore, exploring fascinating stories hidden away in the mundane rituals of daily life. Stories behind everyday sights, stories of Gods and demons, of ancient customs and symbolisms, and of Mylapore and Madras.

Who is it for?

Perfect for: Everyone over the age of 12

Are you looking for a truly cultural and local experience where you get to explore the one of the busiest parts of Chennai city? If yes, book your spot for the Peacock Trail  now!

Why we love this? 

The sights you see are but a small part of her charm. To truly experience India, try sampling the local life, with its assortment of customs, traditions and stories. Storytrails was born with the idea of sampling India through her stories; Of taking their guests to savor local sights and sounds, but through the eyes of a storyteller; Of going beyond the sights themselves, and uncovering characters and customs that made these places come alive.

When it's offered?

All days subject to availability | 8.30am to 11.30 am or 4.00pm to 7.00pm

Once you book your ticket, call us on 9841177748 or email us at to schedule date and time to confirm booking.

How long is it?

Approximately 3 hours

Who's included?

You will be added to an existing group of up to 15 people max. If you wish to book a private tour for your group of friends/family/colleagues, please call us on 9841177748 or email us at to book.

Experience Description

There are many stories hidden away in the mundane rituals of daily life. And as you walk through Mylapore, you’ll discover that every sight you behold has a story to tell. Read the symbolism behind some everyday activities on the streets and you’ll find that spirituality here doesn’t just start and end within holy places.

Mylapore, a bustling neighbourhood in the heart of Chennai, pre-dates the city by at least 2000 years, and has kept alive many traditions and arts that Chennai is so well known for. The Peacock Trail is an easy, enjoyable walk through Mylapore. A walk that comes packed with a bundle of stories – stories of local life, of Gods and demons, of ancient customs and symbolisms, and of Mylapore and Madras – some amusing, some baffling, and some that might just help you make sense of the sights around you.And why is it called the Peacock Trail? Well of course, there is a story in there too

Where it's located

Reporting Venue: Outside Rasi Silks, near Kapaleeshwara Temple eastern entrance, Mylapore

What is included

Bottled water and refreshments (masala dosa and coffee)


Mostly on foot. Auto rickshaws maybe used for short stretches (price included in the  tour)

Guest Requirements

Age: All guests must be at least 12 years old 

Proof of Purchase: Email or printed confirmation

Gender: All

What to wear

Wear something cool and summery as Chennai weather is humid. Since most of the tour is on foot, wear comfortable shoes. Since we will be walking through the market, please be advised to dress conservatively covering your shoulders and legs. 

What to bring

Your own water bottle if you prefer and comfortable shoes.