The Supper Club: Sauce Story

The Supper Club: Sauce Story


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What is it?

Join us for an experiential dining event a la popup style where you be served 6 small plates of food. The menu consists of 5 types of global sauces paired with grilled meat and vegetables followed by dessert. We will be taking you on a journey across the world showcasing famous sauces using some of the best locally sourced meat and produce. 

What better way to unwind from the week than meeting new and interesting people, eating freshly prepared food, all in the setting of a cozy, intimate environment.

About the Menu

Every sauce has a story, they also define different cultures and are so intrinsic to certain cuisines. The various sauces depict how different combination of familiar spices, blended with local herbs can be so distinctive. The bechamel, brown and a number of butter or cream based sauces make unaccountable appearances across countries. The dishes are influenced from cuisines across the globe.

About the chef: 

Namrata Sundaresan loves to explore cuisines. She believes that every region has something exciting to offer. Exploring flavours , local produce as techniques used,  is something she loves. Wherever she travels she researches on local food and brings home some of the condiments that are intrinsic to the region.

Pop up dining concept

The Western concept of supper clubs and pop up restaurants is finding its way into the hearts (and stomachs) of Indians and more importantly to our very own Chennai! The idea is to form a great story and experience for the diner. Come experience something new with us where you most likely don't know your hosts, who your fellow diners are or even what to expect out of the afternoon. But by the time the day ends, you are almost certain to return home after a memorable meal, and maybe some new friends too.

Where it's located

"Bungalow 12", a brand new experience space in Adyar. Exact address details will be provided to confirmed guests.

When it's offered?

Friday 29th March 2019 | 8 to 11 pm

If any change in schedule after purchase, an associate will call you.

How long is it?

Approximately 3 hours

Who's included?

There will be up to 16 people in the group.

Cancellation policy: If we do not get the minimum number of guests required to conduct this dinner, the experience will be canceled and confirmed attendees will receive a full refund. 

    Guest Requirements

    Age: All guests must be at least 18 years old and children can’t come along

    Proof of Purchase: Email or message confirmation

    Gender: Men and Women

    What to bring

    A healthy appetite and an open mind!